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Particularly since the dawn of the digital age, firms have become increasingly dependent upon the data that they hold, both for decision making, and for operational effectiveness.

Ensuring that your data is fit for purpose is critical to the efficacy of AML systems such as transaction monitoring, sanctions screening, and PEPs screening. Data quality is also key for compliance to European Union’s 4th Money Laundering Directive, and Wire Transfer Regulations.

Traditional data quality tools have not directly addressed business needs, and have become increasingly technical in both operation and outcome, they haven’t asked the right questions of the data to provide high level insight.

The SQA Profiler changes all of that, it has been built for AML use, and has functionality for all of the types of data that are critical to AML objectives.

The SQA Profiler doesn’t require investment in servers and other infrastructure, any size of data can be profiled on a laptop or desktop PC, quickly and efficiently.

The results don’t need technical interpretation, they directly target the questions that AML management need answering.

Used with the SQA Sanctions Assessment Centre a complete end to end review of your capability to screen your data can be performed, giving a true insight into risk, and optimising your plans for data remediation.



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