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SQA America Consulting – A Committed Sanctions and Financial Crime Compliance Group dedicated to helping their clients navigate the continuously evolving regulatory landscape.


Some of our core services are the following:

  • Data Quality Assessments
  • Screening Assurance Testing
  • DFS Part 504 Compliance Reviews
  • Assurance Program Development & Reviews
  • Customer Data & List Augmentation

Filtering Program System Assurance Testing

Is your institution ready for the new DFS Regulation Part 504? The DFS has released new regulations for banks licensed under New York State Banking Law. The new regulations place OFAC and AML systems under a new level of scrutiny. SQAAC is prepared to partner with you to develop a program that meets all the requirements specific to your organization. 

Financial Crime Compliance Advisory and Review 

SQA America Consulting has strategically positioned itself to build the core of its business around proven data management and system assurance technologies as well as align itself with industry experts who collectively represent decades of experience at the regulatory and global banking levels.  Essentially, SQAAC is prepared to meet any US-based financial institution at the exact point of where their needs reside.  From very specific data analysis and system testing to global compliance reviews. SQAAC is prepared to partner with their clients at any level.

Our Team

SQA America Consulting’s principals and strategic partners represent decades of combined experience in regulatory compliance, banking operations and technology development.  The SQAAC team has firsthand knowledge of financial institutions' compliance programs, processes and systems.  

Data Quality & System Validation

Data Quality and System Testing are core issues to be addressed in the new age of banking.  It’s much better to identify a system deficiency via a well-designed assurance program vs. an actual breach in your systems and controls.

Resources & News

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